Management Team

The Red Oak management team has over seventy-five years of overall industry experience and over twenty years of directly providing solutions to the enterprise application integration and web application integration markets.


George Cummings - President and CEO

Mr. Cummings has more than two decades experience in senior management in the information technology industry. Before founding Red Oak Software, Mr. Cummings directed the eastern operations of Blue Lobster Software. His experience includes management positions with several enterprise software companies including Information Builders, 2Bridge Software and IQ Software. Prior to that, Mr. Cummings spent five years at NeXT developing its east coast presence and sixteen years at IBM, where he had sales and service management responsibilities for business units with revenues in excess of $150 million. He received his AB degree from Princeton University.


Joseph DiPiano - Director of Engineering - Development

Mr. DiPiano joined Red Oak in March 2000 as a Software Engineer with primary responsibility for designing and implementing Red Oak's Legacy Integrator product line. Over the years, he has increased both his responsibilities and contributions within the company. Mr. DiPiano was promoted to Sr. Software Engineer in 2003 and appointed to his current position of Director of Engineering in 2006. In this role, he now has overall responsibility for the entire Red Oak Software product line. He previously served as a software engineer for NesTek Development, a customer service company, where his duties included developing custom, java solutions for companies such as Xerox. Mr. DiPiano graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS degree in Computer Science.


Bill Muscato - Vice President - Sales

Mr. Muscato joined Red Oak as one of its principal initial executives with overall responsibility for worldwide sales. He has over twenty years of sales and sales management experience in the information technology and software industry. Before joining Red Oak, Mr. Muscato directed sales and new business development in the U.S. and Canada for the eXcelon Corporation, formerly Object Design. Prior to that, he held various executive sales management positions with BEA, Forte, Information Builders and Unisys. Mr. Muscato has extensive experience in new business development and managing partnerships He graduated from Drew University with a BA in Psychology.


Herb Frackenpohl - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Frackenpohl joined Red Oak in 1999 as one of its principal initial executives with responsibility for overall financial operations. He has over thirty years of experience in financial operations and asset management. Mr. Frackenpohl is an executive consultant employed by The Prudential, his previous employer for over thirty years. During his distinguished career at The Prudential, Mr. Frackenpohl held various positions, including VP Marketing, VP Product Development and VP Annuity Product Pricing. Prior to that, he held various other technical and managerial positions. Mr. Frackenpohl graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Mathematics.


Johanna Haltmeier - Vice President - Operations

Mrs. Haltmeier joined Red Oak as one of its principal initial executives with overall responsibility for operations. She has over twenty years of sales operations and administrative experience in the information technology and software industry. Before joining Red Oak, Mrs. Haltmeier was manager of operations for Vistar/VSA. Prior to that, she held sales operations management positions for Information Builders, NeXT and Apollo/HP. Mrs. Haltmeier's degree is in Finance and Accounting from William Paterson University.

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