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A subtle, yet profound change is overtaking the IT integration landscape. In the midst of IT's introspection, and the dueling-perspectives of the pundits on App Servers versus Enterprise Application Integration brokers versus SOA web services, a fundamental shift is occurring in your business. New SaaS production applications are becoming the transaction delivery systems of choice.

The real and measurable returns from the proper deployment and utilization of technology are all around us. B2B and B2C are now passe, but the realities of system interaction and programmatic integration are here to stay. Customer self-service has become the ultimate killer app, affecting every consumer and every industry, once again fulfilling the bedrock truth that 'no one ever went broke overestimating a customer's demand for convenience.'

So, what fundamental premise has IT been missing? We believe the answer is simple … a production app is still a production app, which, as soon as it goes into production, becomes a legacy app. The green screen of the past hasn't gone away - the browser has inexorably supplemented it. Since all production applications are, by our definition "legacy", and all legacy applications will be available via browser, it is our contention that the browser has become the universal integration point. The universal legacy application API! (Yogi was right - it's deja vu all over again . . . click here to read more.)

Red Oak's unique heritage, and the hands-on experience of implementing enterprise application integration and web application integration projects with over 100 customers, places us in an ideal position to help you bring this next stage of growth to fruition. Our full suite of application integration solutions positions us to become an important part of the answer to your programmatic integration needs.

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