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...The Transaction Integration™ Experts

aboutus_squares_wnav.gif Red Oak provides enterprise application solutions that are:

  • Application specific
  • Non-invasive
  • Server deployed

These solutions offer significant improvements over traditional application integration technologies. All are architected and delivered as part of a comprehensive and cohesive Application Integration Framework (AIF):

  • Automated Development - dramatically cuts application integration time and effort
  • Enterprise-level and production oriented - insures reliability
  • Java technology - state of the art, portable and reusable
  • XML-based process modeling simplifies complex integration and maintenance
  • Scalable - customer-tested to 1,000's of transactions
  • Efficient - faster transaction execution due to small footprint

...The Transaction Integration Concept:

Application integration of any transaction where

  • You cannot use or
  • Do not want to use the application's API, but
  • Need to maintain use of the application's business logic.

Any transaction - from any application - running on any host - with any operating system - can be easily integrated with our Application Integration Framework solutions!


  • All IBM mainframe and AS/400 applications (3270/5250)
  • All UNIX and older Digital applications (VT)
  • All Unisys UTS applications
  • All HP proprietary applications
  • All Internet and intranet web applications (HTML/XML) **Red Oak Exclusive**
  • All SaaS web applications
  • Web Services capabilities available for all above


  • CICS/IMS and any special purpose transaction processing subsystems
  • 3rd Party outsourced applications - Billing (with special expertise in application integration with CSG, DST and ICOMS), HR, Payroll, etc.
  • SaaS systems - Sales, HR, ERP
  • Web-based systems - custom intranet, commercial intranet, Internet


  • All major EAI subsystems (IBM Websphere Integrator, webMethods, Vitria, SeeBeyond, TIBCO, MQ, etc.)
  • All major Application Servers (IBM Websphere, Oracle, Sun, Iona, JBoss/Tomcat, etc.)
  • Microsoft .NET
  • All major enterprise application systems (Siebel, Peoplesoft, SAP, JD Edwards, etc. )
  • Any programmatic, front-end systems
  • Portals

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