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Mountain Lakes, NJ, June 10, 2004 - Red Oak Software, Inc. ( announces that the development version of its Web Integrator™ product is now available at no charge. Web Integrator facilitates the easy and efficient programmatic integration of any internal Intranet or external Internet application transaction with any other application in the enterprise.

Web Integrator employs the same architectural philosophy as all of Red Oak's Application Integration Framework products. It is designed to provide programmatic Transaction Integration via the end user access point, making it a totally non-invasive integration solution, while still utilizing all of the security and protection of the application hosting environment.

Web Integrator consists of three components: a Software Development Kit (SDK) which records web application transactions and auto-generates Java beans, a server-based Runtime that executes the generated Java code, and adapters. Web Integrator is an innovative and unique solution that enables any browser-based application function to be converted easily into an integration program. It supports output in both Java and XML.

With this promotion, the enterprise-class and full-featured Web Integrator SDK is available for a limited time for immediate download at no charge to all users. The promotional SDK includes a production Runtime that allows up to three web applications to be programmatically accessed simultaneously.

About Red Oak Software, Inc.

Red Oak Software is the leading Transaction Integration solutions provider for production Legacy and Web applications. A pioneer in terminal-based and browser-based legacy integration, Red Oak's Application Integration Framework products enable corporations to leverage their investment in legacy and web-based systems and extend their reach to all applications critical to the future of eBusiness.

Red Oak Software is privately held and financed through private investment and venture capital from Opticality Ventures of New York.

Red Oak is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with corporate offices in Rochester, New York. For additional information, contact Red Oak Software, Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046. Phone: 973-316-6064; email:; or visit the Web site at

The Red Oak Software logo, Red Oak Software, Web Integrator, Application Integration Framework and Transaction Integration are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Oak Software Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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