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Mountain Lakes, NJ, December 14, 2004 - Red Oak Software, Inc. ( announces the general availability of its HP Integrator product, the industry's most advanced programmatic solution for Hewlett Packard e3000 legacy systems application integration. HP Integrator becomes the latest addition to Red Oak's leading portfolio of Application Integration Framework™ products. Designed specifically to enable production host applications to be programmatically automated, it can be the essential factor in any integration project where HP applications are an important component.

Consisting of a high-level abstracted API and Runtime Server Module, Red Oak's HP Integrator has been specifically designed for server-based implementation, with all of its benefits. The resulting solutions can be centrally managed and provide seamless connectivity and non-invasive integration with all HP e3000 legacy application systems.

Legacy HP production applications are notorious for being extremely difficult to integrate. The power of this unique technology lies in its innovative approach and the resource leverage it provides for integrating e3000-based applications. HP Integrator incorporates a straightforward, high-level API, which easily automates the steps necessary for bi-directional communication with the host system. Since access to all program logic and data is non-invasive, no changes are required to the host applications. The Runtime Server Module has been designed for fast, highly efficient and scaleable execution of those critical HP transaction integrations that require superior performance.

HP Integrator can also easily integrate e3000 legacy applications with a myriad of other systems, including business integration systems, application servers, IVR systems and any other Java system. Its Runtime Server Module executes concurrently with these server systems, binding them together into a seamless integration environment, communicating with the applications via the messaging event protocol. Solutions also can be implemented standalone.

Red Oak's HP Integrator suite consists of the following components:

API and Runtime Server Module

  • Fully extensible, standard Java
  • Server-based implementation - Linux, UNIX or NT/XP
  • Efficient, highly scaleable program execution
  • Built-in terminal emulator for HP e3000

EAI - Application Server Connectivity

  • Connectivity to all major integration middleware platforms
  • Server-based implementation

HP Integrator Development Servers start at $15,000. Production Servers start at $25,000. All components are available immediately.

Since 1999 Red Oak has specialized in creating Transaction Integration™ solutions for production legacy application systems. Their enterprise-class products enable the automated development and scaleable deployment of reusable programmatic business services. Using state of the art non-invasive technology, these products create flexible integration solutions to all major legacy systems via the application logic of the host.

Red Oak designs, develops, sells and supports this portfolio of server-based integration solutions under the umbrella of their Application Integration Framework. Their current AIF™ products include:

Legacy IntegratorIBM 3270, 5250 and VT application transactions
Legacy NavigatorProcess modeling for integrating complex legacy transactions
Web IntegratorHTML and XML application transactions
Tandem Integrator    Tandem 6530 application transactions
Unisys IntegratorUnisys UTS application transactions
HP IntegratorHP e3000 application transactions
.NET BridgeIntegration adapter solution for above to Microsoft .NET systems

Leading analysts refer to this market segment as Programmatic Integration Servers.

Red Oak is a privately-held corporation, financed through venture capital from Opticality Ventures of New York. The company is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with corporate offices in Rochester, New York. Additional information is available at: Red Oak Software, Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046; Phone: 973-316-6064; email:; or at the Web site:

The Red Oak Software logo, Red Oak Software, Legacy Integrator, Web Integrator, Legacy Navigator, Tandem Integrator, Web Services Solution Pack, Application Integration Framework and Transaction Integration are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Oak Software Inc. Unisys is a registered trademark of Unisys Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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