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MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ, June 27, 2006 – Red Oak Software, Inc. (, a leader in Application Integration solutions, announced today that it has released Web Clipper to general availability. Web Clipper is enterprise-class software that fully automates the creation and deployment of web clipping portlets and is the first standalone web clipping application integration solution built on the Eclipse open source Java development environment.

Web Clipper is an innovative professional tool enabling users to build, test and deploy discreet portions of existing web applications into service-oriented architecture enterprise portals more easily and efficiently. It is comprised of two components - a Workbench that automates the creation of web clipping portlets and a server-based Runtime to support Portal deployment. Users visually create web clippings without any programming and deploy them as industry-standard JSR 168 portlets or portlets for any leading SOA Portal including IBM, BEA, Oracle, SAP and Vignette.

Portal developers and consultants use the Web Clipper Workbench and its intuitive visual editing interface to select web application functionality and auto-generate any standard portlet. Since the Workbench is implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, it allows the user full access to all Eclipse capabilities. The Workbench also supports automated deployment to all standard portals.

Web Clipper is an advanced, state-of-the art product that enables the most efficient creation, testing and deployment of portlets comprised of any clipped subsection of an existing web application.

The overall design goals of Web Clipper are:

  • Maximize the efficiency in creating web clipping portlets
  • Improve the build process through rapid visual prototyping
  • Auto-generate JSR 168 and major vendor proprietary portlets
  • Facilitate complete testing of all portlets prior to deployment
  • Enable flexible and seamless deployments to all major SOA Portals
  • Support all portlet standards such as WSRP (Web Services Remote Portlet)

Features and Benefits

  • Sophisticated Visual Development - Web Clipper Workbench includes various visual process editors to automate the design, testing and deployment of standard portlets. The Workbench is the most efficient development tool available for capturing web functionality and converting it into reusable web clipping portlets. It also contains a limited Runtime to support a complete development cycle from creation through proof of concept deployment.
  • Standardized Web Clipping - Sharing composite web application functionality through SOA Portal applications has become commonplace today. The portals of tomorrow will require the ability to quickly and efficiently add customized portlets - functional subsections of other web applications. Web Clipper is a standard and cost effective alternative to building web clippings by hand or using the cumbersome methods provided with the portal.
  • Java IDE Plug-in - Web Clipper Workbench ships as an Eclipse Plug-in, providing seamless access to the full-featured environment for developing Java solutions. Workbench users design, build and deploy web clipping portlets from within this environment, enabling Web Clipper to be the fastest and most efficient web integration solution available today.
  • IBM, BEA and Oracle Compatibility - As an Eclipse Plug-in, Web Clipper will work seamlessly with all existing major vendor IDE's based on Eclipse such as IBM's Rational Application Developer, BEA's WebLogic Workshop and Oracle's Portlet Factory.
  • Platform Integration and Team Support - Most large portal projects require multiple developers working together. Web Clipper directly supports the team versioning and control functions provided by Eclipse enabling users to share projects and work collaboratively.
  • Efficient and Scalable Runtime - Web Clipper's Runtime Server is the most advanced and efficient web clipping integration engine available. It provides superior performance that scales easily to meet the demands of even the largest enterprise portal deployments. The Runtime is fully compatible with all major SOA Portal products.

In summary, Web Clipper is a sophisticated, flexible, state-of-the-art enterprise integration solution that enables the fastest and most efficient creation of web clipping portlets. By being able to visually capture and programmatically integrate these clippings into any SOA Portal, customers will save substantial time and expense versus other alternatives.

Pricing and Availability

Web Clipper Workbench is priced at $840 per user with first year maintenance and technical support. The Workbench includes a limited runtime to support the full cycle of development, testing and proof of concept deployment. The unlimited Web Clipper Runtime Server Module is priced at $4,195 per 2-CPU server including maintenance and support.

Both components can be purchased online for immediate download at: The prices provided are retail for the U.S. only. Dealer and international pricing may vary. For additional information and volume ordering information, please contact your local Red Oak representative.

All components of Web Clipper are available immediately.

Each of Red Oak's Transaction Integration&trade: products includes a Workbench or Software Development Kit and a Runtime Server that enables all major legacy and web-based systems to be integrated seamlessly with any Application Server or any of the major enterprise application systems. These products also provide customers with fast, efficient programmatic connectivity to all major middleware systems.

About Red Oak Software, Inc.

Since 1999 Red Oak has specialized in creating leading edge Transaction IntegrationTM solutions for production legacy and web-based application systems. Their enterprise-class products enable the automated development and scalable deployment of reusable programmatic business services. Using state of the art non-invasive technology, these products create flexible integration solutions to all major legacy and web systems via the application logic of the host system.

Red Oak designs, develops, sells and supports this portfolio of server-based integration solutions under the umbrella of their Application Integration Framework. Their current AIFTM products include:

Web ClipperAutomated creation and deployment of web clipping portlets
Web IntegratorIntegrate HTML and XML application transactions
Legacy ComposerIntegrate application transactions from IBM and Unix/Linux systems
Legacy IntegratorIntegrate 3270, 5250 and VT application transactions
Legacy NavigatorProcess modeling solution for integrating complex legacy transactions
Unisys IntegratorIntegrate Unisys host application transactions
HP IntegratorIntegrate HP midrange host application transactions
.NET BridgeIntegration adapter solution for above to Microsoft .NET systems

Leading analysts refer to this high value application integration market segment as Programmatic Integration Servers. These non-invasive bi-directional, efficient and scalable solutions can be integrated with a myriad of other systems, including business integration systems, application servers and IVR Systems.

Red Oak is a privately-held corporation, financed through venture capital from Opticality Ventures of New York. The company is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with corporate offices in Rochester, New York. Additional information is available at: Red Oak Software, Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046; Phone: 973-316-6064; email:; or at the Web site:

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