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MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ, November 3, 2016Red Oak Software, Inc., a leader in Application Integration solutions, announced today that it has released version 4.0 of Legacy Integrator to general availability. Legacy Integrator is an enterprise-class solution that automates the creation and deployment of legacy integration objects. It is an industry-leading application that continues to be utilized successfully in some of the world's largest organizations. For over a decade, it has been the premier choice for integrating IBM legacy transaction-based applications.

Legacy Integrator enables all legacy application transactions to be transformed automatically into programmatic business objects. These legacy objects can be called individually or concatenated and then executed by any major integration system or application server. The product includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Server Runtime Module that significantly reduces the time and effort required to expose and re-utilize IBM z-series, i-series, Linux and Unix application logic.

Legacy Integrator is a high performance, industrial-class application integration solution that continues to deliver advanced integration functionality in numerous successful Fortune 500 implementations. This major version upgrade also includes significant security enhancements and is fully-compatible with all solutions implemented using all prior versions of the product.

Enhanced Security Functionality

Significant capabilities in version 4.0 include the enhancement of Secure Sockets Layer/Transparent Layer Security (SSL/TLS) functionality. These protocols significantly enhance security of all solutions when used in application integrations:

  • SSL
    • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Using the SSL option within Legacy Integrator creates a standard SSL connection between the integration solution and the server gateway to the host application. The integration solution contacts the server and makes certain that the server has a valid certificate. This connection ensures that all data exchanged between the integration solution and server is encrypted and unreadable by a third party.

  • TLS
    • Transparent Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Using the TLS option in Legacy Integrator creates a standard TLS connection between the integration solution and the host access server. The integration solution contacts the server by sending a handshake communication enabling the integration application and server to authenticate each other and specify the type of encryption to be used during the session. All data exchanged between the integration application and server during the session is encrypted and cannot be read by a third party. TLS protocol also includes a message integrity check to ensure the integrity and reliability of all transmitted data.

Pricing and Availability

Legacy Integrator™ Development Server bundles start at $12,000. Production Server bundles start at $20,000. All components of version 4.0 are available immediately.

About Red Oak Software, Inc.

Since 1999 Red Oak has specialized in creating leading edge Transaction Integration™ solutions for production legacy and web application systems. Each of Red Oak's enterprise-level products includes an SDK or Workbench and a Runtime Server that enables any legacy and web system to be integrated seamlessly with any application server or major enterprise application system. These products also provide customers with fast, efficient programmatic connectivity to all middleware systems.

Red Oak designs, develops and supports this portfolio of server–based integration solutions under the umbrella of their Application Integration Framework. Their current AIF™ products include:

Legacy Composer Integrate application transactions from IBM and Unix/Linux systems
Legacy Integrator Integrate 3270, 5250 and VT application transactions
Legacy Mobile™ for iPad Execute any 3270 or 5250 application on iPad
Legacy Navigator Process modeling solution for integrating complex legacy transactions
Web Clipper Automated creation and deployment of web clipping portlets
Web Integrator Integrate any web application transactions
HP Integrator Integrate HP midrange host application transactions
Unisys Integrator Integrate Unisys host application transactions
.NET Bridge Integration adapter solution for above to Microsoft .NET systems

Leading industry analysts refer to this high value application integration market segment as Programmatic Integration. These highly scalable, efficient and non–invasive solutions can be integrated with a myriad of other enterprise application systems.

Red Oak is a privately–held corporation, financed through venture capital from Opticality Ventures of New York. The company is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey with corporate offices in Rochester, New York and Washington, DC. Additional information is available at: Red Oak Software, Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046; Phone: 973-316-6064; email:; or at the Web site:

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