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February 22, 2000 - RESTON, VA; SAGA SOFTWARE, Inc. announces today that it has entered into a software license agreement with Red Oak Software, headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, providing them use of the technologies SAGA SOFTWARE, Inc. acquired from Blue Lobster Software, namely Stingray™ and Mako™.

Stingray is a premier legacy integration solution for Web-enabling and programmatically automating 3270 and 5250 terminal applications.

Built in Java™, developers can use Stingray's Software Development Kit (SDK) to record interaction with mainframe and AS/400 applications and automatically generate Java Legacy Business Objects (LBOs™) encapsulating screen navigation, data input and data output. The resulting emulation programs can easily be integrated with other enterprise applications.

Mako automates the development of Java™ applications that incorporate CICS transactional access. With Mako, the developer can easily generate Java Beans™ (Sun Microsystems, Inc.) that map CICS transactions between COBOL and Java and incorporate them into new Web applications through drag and drop programming.

"SAGA is very pleased to have entered into this agreement with Red Oak, and we expect tremendous benefits will accrue to the current Stingray customers because the Red Oak principals helped create, sell and support the Stingray product, while employees of Blue Lobster Software," said Michael McDowell, Vice President of Business Development for SAGA. "The Red Oak agreement is also very exciting for SAGA as it provides us benefits from a market segment which we would not have otherwise served."

"Red Oak is extremely pleased to make Stingray available again to the marketplace. Over the last two years, it has proven itself to be a world-class product, and we are looking forward to providing the highest level of ongoing support for both our new and former customers," said George Cummings, President and CEO, Red Oak Software. "We believe that Stingray is one of the only legacy integration products that delivers superior results for both Web to Host and automated programmatic environments."

About Red Oak

Red Oak Software is a leading solutions provider for eBusiness integration. A pioneer in Web to Host legacy integration, Red Oak's new Skyscraper suite of EAI and IAI products enables large corporations to leverage their investment in legacy systems and extend their reach to those production Internet applications critical to the future of eBusiness.

Red Oak Software is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with offices in Rochester, New York. For additional information, contact Red Oak Software, Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046. Phone: 973/316-6064; email:; or visit the Web site at

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