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Mountain Lakes, NJ, and Sydney, Australia, December 12, 2002 - Red Oak Software Inc.® has signed an exclusive source code license agreement for Tandem integration products with Platypus Partners Proprietary, Ltd.

Red Oak will become the exclusive supplier of these all-Java integration solutions and will begin incorporating this technology into its full line of Application Integration Framework™ products in first quarter 2003. Red Oak will also assume responsibility for providing service and support to Platypus' Tandem customers worldwide, effective February 1, 2003.

"Platypus' Tandem TN6530 integration technologies are recognized as the leading all-Java server-based solutions available in the market today," according to George Cummings, Red Oak president and chief executive officer. "We are excited about the capabilities they add to our product line. We now provide solutions for integration requirements spanning IBM, Tandem, Unix, Digital and the Web." He went on to say, "Platypus has been a great fit for us. Not only is their technology leading edge, but their management's philosophy and dedication to quality customer solutions matches ours. We are extremely happy to represent their technology to the marketplace."

In commenting on the new relationship, Fiona Wilkie, chief executive officer of Platypus said, "We have been approached by several independent software vendors interested in our Tandem solutions. After significant evaluation, Red Oak clearly represented the best partner for us. Not only did our interests and beliefs align perfectly, but their leadership and commitment to excellence in the application integration space led us to conclude that an exclusive licensing arrangement was warranted."

Red Oak will begin sales and support of the TN6530 tool suite and server runtime environment immediately, with plans for this technology to be integrated into new Application Integration Framework product offerings in the first quarter of 2003. Pricing for the Tandem solution starts at $7,995.

The current Application Integration Framework product line includes Legacy Integrator™, Web Integrator™ and the Web Services Solution Pack™. These all-Java solutions facilitate application integration with all major Application Server and EAI Message Broker systems, including IBM WebSphere and WebSphere Integrator (CrossWorlds), BEA WebLogic, webMethods, Vitria, Oracle, Sun and Sybase, among others.

Red Oak specializes in Interaction Integration™, by which access to any application logic and data is developed automatically, regardless of programming language, database structure or format. Once this programmatic application integration capability is created, it can be easily integrated with any other Java middleware environment.

Privately held, and financed through private investment and venture capital from Opticality Ventures of New York, the company is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with corporate offices in Rochester and Charlotte. For additional information, telephone (973) 316-6064, email or visit the Web site at

Platypus Partners is an Australian software development company specializing in Java™ Internet tools and networking solutions, delivering high quality results across a full range of technology environments. Platypus Partners is a private company, with corporate offices in Sydney, NSW, Australia, and Boulder, Colorado, USA. For additional information telephone (303) 448-1559, email or visit the Web site at

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