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March 23, 2004 - Mountain Lakes, NJ - Red Oak Software, Inc. ( announces the general availability of full .NET integration capability for all of its Application Integration Framework (AIF) products. This capability, named .NET Bridge, now enables all small and medium businesses (SMB) that have implemented Microsoft's .NET, to take advantage of enterprise-class integration technologies previously available only to the largest corporations.

Building upon the proven technologies successfully being used by many Fortune 500 companies, this complimentary .NET capability extends the coverage for programmatically integrating enterprise-class legacy applications. It also continues to prove that customers of all sizes can leverage their legacy investments and build heterogeneous software applications without compromising functionality or performance.

At its core, .NET Bridge enables the seamless and efficient coupling of Red Oak's Transaction Integration solutions with all .NET applications, including Microsoft's recently announced BizTalk Server 2004. It is an interoperability product that enables Red Oak products to fully participate in the cross-language development capabilities of Microsoft .NET.

.NET Bridge allows applications written in .NET languages, such as C#, managed C++ and Visual Basic.NET to transparently access the programming interfaces from Red Oak's AIF products.

.Net Bridge supports the following Red Oak products:

Legacy IntegratorIBM z-series, i-series, UNIX and Digital applications
Web IntegratorAny browser-based application
Tandem IntegratorAny application accessible via 6530
Unisys IntegratorAny application accessible via UTS

With this new support, .NET applications now have access to the full range of AIF enterprise-class facilities provided by Red Oak's entire portfolio of non-invasive integration products. This functionality is designed to enable all small and medium businesses to access the functionally rich capabilities of integration solutions previously available only to the largest companies in the world, thereby improving the robustness and performance of distributed network applications.

Key features and benefits of .NET Bridge include:

Seamless integrationFull integration between any .NET environment and all Red Oak enterprise-class integration solutions.
Collection classes directly mapped.NET and Java collections have been directly mapped in both directions, increasing the efficiency of distributed applications.
Strong namingThe strong naming of proxy assemblies allows internal application signing and increases application security.
J# supportThe ability to call classes from J# in addition to the standard .NET supported languages of C#, Visual Basic.NET and managed C++.
C# supportThe ability to automatically generate C# directly from SDKs.
PerformanceSignificant performance enables fast network support and the .NET implementation performs as well as a native Java solution.

Small and medium businesses, which need to have .NET applications programmatically access production legacy and web applications, now have a robust and industry-proven solution that does not require development of a custom proprietary implementation.

Availibility and Pricing

.NET Bridge is currently available for Red Oak's Legacy Integrator and will be available for all Red Oak products, including Legacy Navigator, Web Integrator, Tandem Integrator and Unisys Integrator in Q2, 2004. The price for .NET Bridge is $2,495 per server.

About Red Oak Software, Inc.

Red Oak Software is the leading Transaction Integration solutions provider for production Legacy and Web applications. A pioneer in terminal-based and browser-based legacy integration, Red Oak's Application Integration Framework products enable corporations to leverage their investment in legacy and web-based systems and extend their reach to all applications critical to the future of eBusiness.

Red Oak Software is privately held and financed through private investment and venture capital from Opticality Ventures of New York.

Red Oak is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with corporate offices in Rochester, New York. For additional information, contact Red Oak Software, Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046. Phone: 973-316-6064; email:; or visit the Web site at

The Red Oak Software logo, Red Oak Software, Legacy Integrator, Web Integrator, Legacy Navigator, Tandem Integrator, Web Services Solution Pack, Application Integration Framework and Transaction Integration are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Oak Software Inc. .NET and BizTalk are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Unisys is a trademark of Unisys Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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