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Red Oak Software featured on American Business Review with Morley Safer

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Feb 15, 2001 - Red Oak Software has recently been selected as the subject of an editorial profile by the American Business Review, hosted by Morley Safer. The American Business Review is dedicated to providing audiences with information about companies whose products or services have significantly contributed, on a national and international level, to the advancement of business technology. The program airs domestically on 345 Public Television stations and 50 American Independent Network stations, and internationally, in more than 200 cities in over 127 countries, on the U.S. Government WorldNet.

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Video Transcript

VO: American Business Review, featured on national television, is an industry platform, where the spotlight seeks out and shines on the creators and innovators. Because of its commitment to promoting progress, this editorial series recognizes Red Oak Software.

video_msafer.jpgVO: The world of business. It's never been more competitive, more challenging, more rewarding. Growth rates. Interest rates. Franchising. Globalizing. Staying Private. Going Public. Online. Bottom Line. The world of business. It's about having good ideas, good technology and good information.

Morely Safer: Welcome, I'm Morley Safer. Communication technology is changing the world. In fact, it promises to change the business world as much as the industrial revolution did. This story shows us one way businesses can meet the challenges of today's global marketplace.

video_tourist.jpgTourist: Excuse-moi. Hello. J'ai besoin des directions pour aller...

Gas Station Attendant: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

VO:Translators. They're priceless in today's world. Tourists need them to communicate in foreign lands. Without someone to communicate with, travelers like this one would be lost.

Tourist: Je ne comprends...

VO: Lost travelers are not alone. Computers also need translators, otherwise they could become obsolete.

video_thibault.jpgThibault: They need technology, which ties in some of these legacy systems, like mainframes and AS/400s, to some of the newer web and browser-based technologies.

VO: Technology that allows older computer systems to talk to each other is now available. It enables companies to leverage their old systems in new ways.

Waffen: When these systems were originally designed, they weren't designed to talk to each other, or then share data. They were essentially islands on the mainframe.

video_gwaffen.jpgVO: This new software allows companies to build bridges between these islands, enabling web-based information to be shared with systems that could be 20 or 30 years old. The development is helping businesses to more efficiently meet the needs of their customers.

Waffen: For example, entering new customer information can be a difficult and error-prone process when you're dealing with two, three or four different systems. The software we've developed allows companies to enter that data just once, and all the applications and systems that need to know about it will be notified and updated with the new data.

video_khanson2.jpgHanson: An example that would mean something to every one of us: everybody here has had to go in at some point and change their address with their employer. And, you change your address with the payroll department, but then, a couple of months later you're getting the quarterly statement from your 401k, and it's still going to your old address, and a couple of months after that you get the statement from, the once a year statement that you get from the pension fund, and that's still going to your old address. And, the employee newsletter is in a different legacy application. And so what we're talking about is the ability to go in and, when you change your address with payroll, you write it once and then all of these other people within the enterprise who have your address, all of these other, we keep calling them legacy applications, automatically receive that address and it automatically updates all of your information. That makes you happy and it saves the company money.

video_usa.jpgThibault: There are a lot of companies out there with multiple business partners and a lot of times they can't say to these folks, "I need your system to do this or this in order for us to work effectively." Therefore, if these companies can put a new interface on their old systems, instead of going in and opening up the code, then, it allows them, in a low-cost manner to really become more effective and efficient business partners, which allows them to service their customers in a more cost-effective manner.

VO: Communication. Without it, we'd be lost.

Gas Station Attendant: No, I'm sorry, I don't understand.

VO: Providing quick information for customers is the key to a businesses success. Companies are learning that only the most integrated systems will survive in today's global economy.

Safer: Global communication, networking, technological advances ... just a few of the elements influencing the world of business. As those developments happen, you'll see them here. Thanks for tuning in.

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