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Red Oak Software Confirms Full Support for IBM Crossworlds™

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IBM Crossworlds

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All Red Oak Software Inc.® Interaction Integration™ products now deliver full support for IBM Crossworlds and Crossworlds Integrator® through the general availability of the new IBM Crossworlds Adapter.

Red Oak's Application Integration Framework™ products - Legacy Integrator™, Web Integrator™ and the Web Services Solution Pack™ - enable all terminal and web-based applications to be programmatically integrated, through the adapter, with IBM Crossworlds. This new capability provides Java developers with the same AIF connectivity already available and being utilized by customers with IBM's Websphere® software platform.

Each AIF product includes a Software Development Kit and Runtime Environment, enabling all 390, AS/400, Digital, Unix and Web-based application interactions to be integrated into any of the major enterprise systems supported by IBM Crossworlds. These include SAP, Siebel, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards, among many others. This new functionality from Red Oak allows large corporations to capitalize on their massive investment in IBM mainframe systems and extend their reach to the Internet-based applications necessary for eBusiness.

Key Features

  • 100% Java, with reusable objects and beans
  • Full programmatic integration runs concurrently with Crossworlds Integrator
  • Built-in Java emulator and browser for non-intrusive access to all terminal, intranet and Internet applications
  • Standard industry protocols
  • Fully extensible code; no coding required
  • In-line testing

Red Oak is a member of IBM Crossworlds Exchange and a member in IBM PartnerWorld for Developers.

About Red Oak Software

Red Oak Software is a leading solutions provider for Web Services and a pioneer in both terminal-based and browser-based Legacy application integration. Red Oak's Application Integration Framework, comprised of Web Integrator, Legacy Integrator and Web Services Solution Pack e-business integration products enables large corporations to leverage their investment in all legacy systems and extend their reach to those production applications critical to the delivery of Web Services.

Red Oak is headquartered in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, with offices in Rochester, NY and Charlotte, NC. For additional information, contact Red Oak Software Inc., 115 Route 46, Suite F1000, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046. Phone: 973-316-6064; email:; or visit the Web site at

About WebSphere

WebSphere is Internet infrastructure software -- known as middleware -- that enables companies to develop, deploy and integrate e-business applications, such as those for business-to-business e-commerce. WebSphere supports business applications from simple Web publishing through enterprise-scale transaction processing. WebSphere transforms the way businesses manage customer, partner and employee relationships. More information about the WebSphere software platform is on the Web at

About PartnerWorld for Developers

PartnerWorld for Developers is a worldwide marketing and enablement program supporting developers who build solutions using IBM technologies. The program helps you reach broader markets, lower your costs, and get products to market faster. Take advantage of extensive cross-platform porting and testing facilities and hands-on workshops on the latest technologies in our worldwide Solution Partnership Centers. The program also offers access to the latest software and tools, hardware discounts and leases, extensive online technical support, marketing vehicles that reach a global audience, and more. To join at no charge, visit

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Kevin J. P. Hanson, Vice President Marketing
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