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Professional Services

Providing Application Integration Solutions for Legacy and Internet Systems

Red Oak offers focused, yet comprehensive services for helping our customers successfully implement our products and maximize the return on their investment. Our only goal is to simplify the planning, development and final implementation of your legacy integration, yielding an enterprise-class solution.

From definition, through design to implementation, Red Oak Professional Services personnel help enable the integration of all supported legacy applications systems and insure they get successfully integrated into the rest of the enterprise.

Every successful integration project consists of distinct phases. Based upon our experience, the following project anatomy has proven extremely effective in a number of successful customer implementations.


Integration Project

As is the case with all projects, the overall management of the project continues throughout the entire life cycle, well beyond even that shown above. For this reason, the continuation into the maintenance cycle should also be taken into consideration. Yet, the primary focus of the project is to insure that the customer integration solution occurs successfully and within the agreed upon time schedule.

The Integration Project includes a scope of effort and defined deliverables that are within a documented statement of work. There are a number of tasks associated with this ongoing responsibility, including:

  • Gather all requirements, assessing feasibility and effort, as well as prioritizing requirements. This will lead to a defined scope of the integration project.
  • Define the procedures and processes for development, issue escalation, quality assurance, documentation creation and production implementation.
  • Determine the specific tasks and the overall schedule for successful implementation
  • Schedule all tasks
  • Manage all issues based upon priority to final resolution
  • Schedule, manage and coordinate all project resources
  • Deliver Project Management Plan document and update status reports per plan

In addition to the activities above, there are normal project management environmental tasks that will also continue throughout the entire life cycle for the project. The purpose of this effort is to insure the necessary infrastructure is in place to support the success of the overall project and that the Red Oak solutions can be properly utilized. The activities associated with this ongoing responsibility include:

  • Determine hardware and software requirements for supporting development and implementation with Red Oak solutions, including gateways to legacy system and front end server system, if utilized
  • Set up developer environment
  • Set up environment for quality assurance
  • Configure all systems, including development, test and production
  • Work within required security environment

The following specific steps are those consistently implemented within the scope of the project as part of all successful integrations using Red Oak solutions.

Identify Host Transactions

This initial step in the Design phase will define the critical business functions necessary to the integration project including final approach and determination of the tools and techniques to be utilized. The tasks associated with this step include the following:

  • Understand and analyze the legacy application(s) that include the transactions to be integrated
  • Define the specific transactions that are required for the integration
  • Create transaction flowchart as input to modeling effort
  • Determine the best approach
  • Determine the tools and techniques that are to be used

Model Host Transactions

This second step in the Design phase is intended to further define and then map the critical business functions necessary for successful integration to the tools and techniques chosen. The tasks associated with this step include the following:

  • Further analyze the specific legacy transactions to be integrated
  • Model each transaction based on the flowchart developed above
  • Define the relationship between transactions to identify components for possible reuse
  • Capture screen flow for each transaction including all inputs and outputs
  • Develop and deliver final data map, to include all field names, data types and the message structure

Develop Transaction Integration

This represents the Build step in the integration project and is reliant upon the successful capturing of host transaction information in the previous two steps. This step includes the following activities:

  • Determine all final integration requirements, including error handling and recovery routines
  • Identify all integration activities that may require custom coding, if any
  • Auto-capture all transactions required
  • Auto-create integration code
  • Create front end system calls, if required, to execute the legacy integration solution

Test Transaction Integration

This Test phase insures that the development in the steps above was successful and meets all of the requirements of the integration project. Specific activities include:

  • Test all transactions
  • Tune as appropriate
  • Test front end system integration
  • Perform full system test
  • Execute a performance test to insure scalability within defined parameters

Deploy Integration Solution

This final step transitions the final developed integration solution into a fully deployed production environment. The activities to be delivered in this last element include:

  • Create final production runtime servers
  • Tune to optimize performance
  • Complete knowledge transfer to customer personnel for maintenance mode
  • Deliver all project documentation
  • Deliver Overall Project Review

Red Oak Professional Services personnel are highly experienced in every step of the processes listed above and can be utilized throughout the entire anatomy of a successful integration project.

If any of the suggested steps above, however, are to be completed by either customer development personnel or a preferred systems integrator, we would be more than glad to work with others in a hands-on nature and insure complete knowledge transfer at the end of any step. The use of Red Oak professionals at the beginning phases of any integration project insures that their years of experience, including all tip and technique best practices, can be shared with your team.

We are experienced in working closely with your Project Manager to incorporate these necessary tasks and to help develop a mutually agreeable project schedule. We look forward to working with you and your team to insure your integration project is implemented correctly and that success is the ultimate result.

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