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Unisys Integrator

100% Java Integration with All Major Enterprise Application Integration And B2Bi Systems

Red Oak's Unisys Integrator is the world's most advanced programmatic "terminal-based data-stream emulation" product for Unisys applications. Designed specifically to enable production host applications to be programmatically automated, Unisys Integrator can be the key element in any Unisys application integration project. Unisys Integrator's key features are:

Unisys Integrator Features

  • 100% Java
  • Full programmatic integration with any Enterprise Application Integration or B2Bi infrastructure
    • Includes full-featured API and Runtime Environment
    • Seamless, fully automated approach
    • Adapters provide easy and seamless integration with all Java API adapters
  • Resource leverage
    • Legacy applications unchanged
    • Access to any Unisys UTS-based legacy application
    • Standard industry protocols
The Unisys Integrator suite consists of these two components:

API and Runtime Environment
  • 100% Java programs
  • Fully extensible code
  • Server-based implementation - NT or any UNIX variant
  • Efficient, highly scaleable program execution
  • Built-in Java terminal emulator for Unisys UTS
EAI - B2Bi Connectivity
  • Connectivity to all major messaging systems
  • Server-based implementation - NT or any UNIX variant
  • Runs concurrently with Runtime Environment

All components of Red Oak's Unisys Integrator are written entirely in Java, fully support Java Beans, and have been specifically designed for server-based implementation. The resulting technology takes full advantage of the benefits of server-based applications (centralized access and management, etc.) and enables connectivity and true enterprise application integration with all Unisys legacy systems. According to the Gartner Group, 70% of all corporate data still resides on these legacy systems and if an existing internal application requires data from any other legacy application in the enterprise, Red Oak can easily enable this programmatic connectivity.

The real power of this unique solution is its innovative approach and the resource leverage it provides for integrating UTS-based applications.

Unisys Integrator API and the Runtime Environment provide the fastest, easiest production solution for programmatically accessing any UTS-based applications and data. The high level abstracted API contains all the constructs necessary to programmatically integrate any Unisys application and the Runtime Environment is the enabling mechanism that allows the Java programs created using the API to execute on any NT or UNIX server.

Included with the product is an imbedded Java terminal emulator that has been optimized to provide the most robust, reliable and scaleable emulation environment available. Due to the advanced features of the emulator, execution speeds are superb and processing overhead is minimal. Production throughput is limited only by network connection and bandwidth considerations.

With the Unisys Integrator API and Runtime Environment, you can simultaneously execute multiple applications and/or execute the same application multiple times in parallel.

Red Oak's Unisys Integrator works with any of the major EAI or application server systems adapters supporting Java, since all code is standard. This facilitates the incorporation of Unisys Integrator applications into any other Java subsystem. It enables the seamless integration of legacy Unisys UTS application functionality with any of the major Java server systems, thus providing production application data access to and from any application that can communicate via the specific subsystem's messaging event protocol. All Unisys Integrator connectivity executes concurrently with the Runtime Environment and, in essence, binds Unisys Integrator and the app server or EAI system together. Through this connectivity, the subsystem knows both how to receive and send events and how to use the Unisys Integrator application subsystem.

For more information and details on Red Oak's Unisys Integrator, please review the materials below.

Product Datasheet
View/Download   Unisys Integrator Datasheet (33K)

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