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Web Clipper

Automates Creation of Web Clipping Portlets
for Enterprise Portals

Web Clipper is enterprise-class software that fully automates the creation and deployment of web clipping portlets. It is the first standalone web clipping application integration solution built on Eclipse, the open source Java development environment.

How It Works

Red Oak's Web Clipper is the most economical way to create web clipping portlets. Create true composite web applications by including portions of other web applications or web sites inside your portal.

  • Accelerate web clipping portlet development
  • Quickly deploy web clipping portlets to all popular portal servers
  • Shorten the learning curve with intuitive WYSIWYG UI components
  • Extend your development environment with the Eclipse-based plug-in
More About How It Works

Features & Benefits

Portal developers and consultants use the Web Clipper Workbench and its intuitive visual editing interface to select web application functionality and auto-generate any standard portlet. Since the Workbench is implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, it allows the user full access to all Eclipse capabilities. The Workbench also supports automated deployment to all standard portals.

  • Sophisticated Visual Development
  • Standardized Web Clipping
  • Java IDE Plug-in
  • IBM, BEA and Oracle Compatibility
  • Platform Integration and Team Support
  • Efficient and Scalable Runtime
More Features & Benefits

Demos & Screenshots

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