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Web Clipper

Automates Creation of Web Clipping Portlets
for Enterprise Portals

How It Works

Web Clipper is an innovative professional tool enabling users to build, test and deploy discreet portions of existing web applications into service-oriented architecture enterprise portals more easily and efficiently.

It is comprised of two components - a Workbench that automates the creation of web clipping portlets and a server-based Runtime to support Portal deployment. Users visually create web clippings without any programming and deploy them as industry-standard JSR 168 portlets or portlets for any leading SOA Portal including IBM, BEA, Oracle, SAP and Vignette.

Visually Develop Web Clipping Portlets

Web Clipper includes visual portlet development tools and supports popular portal servers so you can build and test individual web clipping portlets and portal applications. New web clipping portlets are created using wizards which generate a portlet project structure that conforms to J2EE, and also creates a complete portlet for you. The wizards can automatically create portlets that comply with JSR 168, the industry standard specification for portlet aggregation, personalization, presentation, and security. In addition, you can auto-generate portlets for IBM WebSphere Portal and BEA WebLogic Portal. You can lay-out and visualize the interface for web clipping portlets using the Clip Builder and its interactive Preview component.

Automate Portlet Assembly and Deployment

Web Clipper automates WAR assembly and generates deployment descriptors for new web clipping portlets to save you time. Web Clipper can deploy web clipping portlets to all popular portal servers.

Web Clipping

Basic Clipping Clip parts or portions of any web page.
Continuous Clipping Clip an entire web site or web application, including dynamic content like Javascript, or simply clip a subset of pages. The portal user interacts with the clipping as if it were the actual web site.
Composite Clipping Clip multiple web sites or web applications together into a single portlet.
Visual Clip Builder Simplifies building composite web applications and portals with WYSIWYG layout of your web clipping portlet.
Interactive Preview Preview your web clipping portlet as it is being built, insuring it is correct before deployment.

Portlet Development

Portlet Wizards Easily build and deploy industry standard portlets in minutes without writing code.
Portlet Types Support for JSR 168 standard portlet API, IBM Portlet API, BEA Portlet API, and more.
Server Support JBoss Portal, WebSphere Portal, BEA WebLogic Portal


Built on Eclipse Web Clipper plug-in extends your development environment. Do portal development your way.
Getting Started Guide and Tutorial Step-by-step guide walks you through creating your first web clipping portlet.

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