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UDDI: Universal Description Discovery and Integration

The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) project is a framework for registering, discovering, and using Internet-based business services.

As companies make their information and technology services available as Web Services, UDDI is being positioned as the mechanism for finding these e-commerce businesses. The hope is to have UDDI develop into a mature standard which enables businesses to dynamically find and transact with one another.

UDDI started as an organized initiative by Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft, who plan for it to mature into an open standard.

Additional Resources:
  • UDDI is not yet a formalized specification under management by an open-standards organization. Until it is released by the companies involved, the most updated information will be maintained at A good place to start is their FAQ.
  • Two of the charter member organizations behind the initiative host additional information; visit Microsoft's site and IBM's Services/UDDI site.
  • BowStreet has developed and released to the public an early implementation of UDDI at jUDDI is "an open source Java-based implementation of a UDDI registry and a toolkit for developers to build access to UDDI registries within their own applications." The jUDDI project is hosted at SourceForge.
  • Making Sense Of UDDI and UDDI b2b project gears up for beta are a pair of good news articles about UDDI.

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